Panel fence and gate

  • Cheap Pedestrian Gates Online for Sale

    Cheap Pedestrian Gates Online for Sale

    To maintain security to side and rear entrances to the home and garden our range of tall metal side gates represent true value for money. provide an attractive yet effective physical security barrier that will help to restrict access to key areas of the home therefore helping to deter criminals and trespassers targeting your belongings.

    More often referred to as garden gates these styles are well suited to many applications around the home and garden where a small opening needs a low level security solution to help restrict access to a specific location.

  • Hand Made Metal Gate Drawing-cut-welding-surface Treatment

    Hand Made Metal Gate Drawing-cut-welding-surface Treatment

    Iron gates are an attractive way to help make your property more secure. Transforming the appearance of your home, these gates are often the first thing that guests see before entering and, consequently, it is essential that these set the right impression.

    Fortunately, our range of iron gates are made from quality materials and should be a beautiful addition to your garden or driveway.

    Material:black wire,black tube,hot dip galvanized wire,hot dip galvanized tube

    Surface treatment:hot dip galvanized,PVC coated,PE coated.

    Process:hand made(CAD drawing-cut-welding-surface treatment)

  • Bow Top Metal Garden Arch for sale

    Bow Top Metal Garden Arch for sale

    The Bow Top Arch is a simple yet interesting garden archway that will make a great addition to any garden. Constructed from metal this arch is designed to span paths up to 1.60m wide. The arch comes with decorative square trellis sides, making it an ideal feature to enhance a pathway or as a standalone garden feature.

    As with all garden arches supplied by the Bow Top Arch is manufactured from anti rust metal for protection against rot.

  • Garden Flower Border Fence

    Garden Flower Border Fence

    Border Fence – Garden Center


    Depending on the height and style, border fences can serve a decorative or functional purpose. And sometimes they can be both. Often, they’re just enough of a barrier to discourage the family dog from trampling prized perennials.

    Our garden border fencing use high quality raw materials, and through special surface treatment, high corrosion resistance.The finished products enjoy ten years’ quality guarantee.

    Easy installation: no special accessories are required for the product installation, and the propulsive installation mode is adopted, which is easy to hold, simple and quick, and reduces the cost.

    The suitable bending creates the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful and generous.Easy and quick to install. It can be widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal, transportation and other industries fence, decoration, protection and other facilities.metalldepot border fence (5)metalldepot border fence (4)metalldepot border fence (3)

  • metal garden arch with flowers 

    metal garden arch with flowers 

    wrought iron Arbor Arch is the easiest way for garden landscaping. They are not only beautiful but these wrought iron arch  arbor are also functional in the sense that you can use them to divide spaces and demarcate sections in your garden or use trellis planters for hanging plants. Trellis arbor and arch trellis bring royal touch to your garden decoration and more rustic trellis compliment the country decor style. In fact, decorative wrought iron arch arbor designs can just make your garden a magical beauty! Just check out these wrought iron arch arbor designs in case you need some inspiration!